A biography of lorraine hansberry the most promising playwright

Family[ edit ] Lorraine Hansberry was the youngest of four children born to Carl Augustus Hansberrya successful real-estate broker and Nannie Louise born Perrya driving school teacher and ward committeewoman.

A biography of lorraine hansberry the most promising playwright

Hansberry had been a gifted playwright who used her talents to fight for racial equality. Her play A Raisin in the Sun was the first by an African American woman to be produced on Broadway; starring Sidney Poitier in an almost entirely black cast, it told the story of an upwardly-mobile black family who came into enough money to buy a house in a primarily white neighbourhood.

The plot, in many ways, was inspired by her own childhood. Lorraine Hansberry was born in into an affluent African American family, and from the age of eight lived in the white-only Washington Park area of Chicago, where African Americans were barred from leasing or purchasing land.

Supreme Court ruling Hansberry v.

A biography of lorraine hansberry the most promising playwright

At the primarily white University of Wisconsin, where she enrolled inher first move was to integrate her dormitory. It was also here that she developed an appreciation of theatre as a medium for social commentary: Inshe joined the staff of the black newspaper Freedom, where she worked alongside W.

DuBois, covering key events in the growing Civil Rights movement. A Raisin in the Sun was a huge hit, and a game-changer for both the theatre industry and African American culture.

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She encouraged her listeners to delve into political and intellectual questions: Its universal themes — such as Hansberry had admired in Juno and the Paycock — encouraged white middle-class audiences to embrace A Raisin in the Sun: Not all audiences were receptive to learning about the black experience.

Hansberry held many causes close to her heart alongside African American rights. She also worked with the Daughters of Bilitis, the first lesbian rights organisation in the USA, and in spite of her marriage to Robert Nemiroff was widely believed to be a lesbian herself.

Her partnership with Nemiroff made sense given their shared interests and values: Lorraine Hansberry died following a battle with pancreatic cancer in Januaryjust a few months after the first Civil Rights Act was passed to end segregation in public places and unequal application of voter registration requirements.

The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, for which she had helped to raise funds some years earlier, had played a major role in bringing about these changes. Her creative ability and her profound grasp of the deep social issues confronting the world today will remain an inspiration to generations yet unborn.Lorraine Vivian Hansberry (May 19, – January 12, ) was an African-American playwright and writer.

Progressive Beginnings

Hansberry was the first black female author to have a play performed on Broadway. Her best known work, The Lorraine Hansberry Theatre of San Francisco, which specializes in original stagings and revivals of African-American theatre.

Discover the life of Lorraine Hansberry, who reported on civil rights for Paul Robeson's newspaper Freedom and later penned "A Raisin in the Sun." Learn about her personal life, accomplishments. BIOGRAPHY: Lorraine Hansberry – Playwright Skip to entry content.

but Lorraine’s father challenged the initial decision of the Illinois Supreme Court and eventually won his case to stay in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling Hansberry v. Lee. Lorraine Hansberry considered it her most important work, and the rapturous reception. Lorraine Hansberry is best known for writing A Raisin in the Sun, the first play by an African American woman produced on Broadway.

She lived from May 19, to January 12, Lorraine Hansberry's parents were both active in the black community in Chicago, including in social change. Best known for her plays, Hansberry was the first black woman to write a Broadway drama; A Raisin in the Sun () became the longest-running black play in Broadway's history and made many consider Hansberry the most promising playwright of her generation, although her career was cut short by her early death.

Angry about the way blacks had. Lorraine Hansberry Biography Lorraine Hansberry was born at Provident Hospital on the South Side of Chicago on May 19, She was the youngest of Nannie Perry Hansberry and Carl Augustus Hansberry’s four children.

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