An introduction to wrestling with hemingway in a dream hallucination

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An introduction to wrestling with hemingway in a dream hallucination

This episode of RAW was a dragged to watch. It was not good. It's really depressing, because that morning brought more happier news that will surely shift the trajectory of the WWE and the wrestling business dramatically, with the Fox Network offering, an immensely lucrative agreement in principle to bring Raw's sister show 'SmackDown' to Fox in the Fall of However, that deal might fall off, the face of the planet, if WWE doesn't bring the viewers, back to watching their television shows.

Tonight episode on the USA network, mark the lowest rating for the year, so far, with 2. It really didn't catch general fans attention at all. At least, in a good way. It managed to overshadow everything else on the show -- good or bad - due to awkwardly, poorly-time dated comedy; which saw, a man beat up, another man for dressing up in drag.

Nevertheless, it wasn't the only thing, bad about this show held in Albany, NY. Another cringe-worthy sequence was honestly the opening promo, which saw, Stephanie McMahon return to television, after, a kayfabe, broken arm injury at 's 'WrestleMania'.

Not only, was 42 days, far too unrealistic for somebody to be, completely heal from some a injury, but for a show brimming with talents, WWE really did spent way too much on the spotlight on her, explaining crap.

Because of this, the in-ring single match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens that follow, was highly rushed for an opening for WWE's flagship show. However, even with that, the run-of-the-mill wrestling skills of Mahal and the half-ass, out of it, attempts of a comeback by Reigns made the match, mediocre at best.

Still, without spoiling it, I did the finish. Following this, we found ourselves, listening to Alexis Bliss's promo that really seem out of character for her. The idea that she brought up, a misleading inaccurate account of the fall of Rome was really jarring.

It's clearly, notable that this speech was written by a writer who knows, nothing about history. Despite that, Bliss's match with Ember Moon was fun to watch. Probably, the best women match of the night. It was pretty forgettable. As for the contract signing between Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax, that sequence was a lot better than the others, given the significance of the presence of Stephanie McMahon being there.

The Billion Dollar Princess' constant manipulation of the situation was a masterpiece of great heel work. She created conflict, where, at first, they were none.

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I really can't get behind this feud. I really find, Drew McIntryre's presence as a Dolph's henchman, really jarring and mismanage. This guy deserves better.

An introduction to wrestling with hemingway in a dream hallucination

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