Aphg5 outline

Popular and folk culture C. Environmental impact of cultural attitudes and practices D. Cultural landscapes and cultural identity 1. Values and preferences 2.

Aphg5 outline

Large-scale commercial agriculture and agribusiness B. Major agricultural production regions 1. Agricultural systems associated with major bioclimatic zones 2.

Variations within major zones and effects of markets 3. Interdependence among regions of food production and consumption C. Rural land use and settlement patterns 1.

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Settlement patterns associated with major agriculture types: Roles of women in agricultural production and farming communities D. Issues in contemporary commercial agriculture 1. Biotechnology, including genetically modified organisms GMO 2.

Aphg5 outline

Spatial organization of industrial agriculture, including the transition in land use to large-scale commercial farming and factors affecting the location of processing facilities 3. Organic farming, crop rotation, value-added specialty foods, regional appellations, fair trade, and eat-local-food movements 5.

Global food distribution, malnutrition, and famine Unit VI. Growth and diffusion of industrialization 1. The changing roles of energy and technology 2. Models of economic development: Geographic critiques of models of industrial location: Social and economic measures of development 1.

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Gross domestic product and GDP per capita 2. Human Development Index 4. Income disparity and the Gini coefficient 5. Changes in fertility and mortality 6. Access to health care, education, utilities, and sanitation C. Contemporary patterns and impacts of industrialization and development 1. Spatial organization of the world economy 2.

Popular Topics They also study reasons why people migrate.
AP Human Geography Syllabus - FEED YOUR BRAINS Another impetus that has influenced the development of the field are ecofeminist and other environmentalist viewpoints on nature-society relations including questions of animal welfare and rights. Language geography — studies the geographic distribution of language or its constituent elements.

Variations in levels of development uneven development 3. Deindustrialization, economic restructuring, and the rise of service and high technology economies 4. Globalization, manufacturing in newly industrialized countries NICsand the international division of labor 5.

Aphg5 outline

Natural resource depletion, pollution, and climate change 6.AP Human Geography - Course Syllabus [email protected] INTRODUCTION: Welcome to AP Human Geography!The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, .

Geography Resources for students and teachers of geography. Discover the world with articles, fact sheets, maps and more that explore landscapes, peoples, places, and environments both near and far.

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Intro to Human Geography Field Note: Humans are geographers by nature. They can think territorially or spatially and have an awareness of, . Course Outline Human Geography GEOG , Sections 01 and 02 Spring Location: ITTC 29 Human geography takes a systematic, as opposed to regional, approach to looking at the world, and it does so from an inherently spatial perspective.

Third, we will focus on how and where human geography is done in practice. Human Geography: Culture, Society and Space challenges students to think geographically across scale and across a wide range of geographical phenomena and global issues.

The authors engage the students throughout the text by posing geographical questions that encourage students to think critically about their own locality, region, nation, and world. A list of resources to help students study AP Human Geography.

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