Brenda miller braided essay

In late MarchBrenda Miller visited the campus of Michigan State University as the invited judge of the Department of English's annual creative-writing awards event. As part of her campus visit, Brenda visited a graduate creative-nonfiction workshop, where she graciously allowed herself to be interviewed.

Brenda miller braided essay

It uses the analogy of making bread, particularly the Challah, bread of the Jewish Sabbath.

Brenda miller braided essay

The author weaves information about bread-making and writing and teaching all together just like the woven Challah. Bread is a compilation of the ingredients, the Challah is a composition of the braids of dough.

The topic is stretched to its very end when the writer brings in a dialogue in regards to braiding hair. Although the correlation is obvious, I thought the section about braiding hair seemed odd.

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I also had a significant problem with an idea near the middle of the essay, in reference to bread-making: But after that the bread almost makes itself. I contend that with out careful attention through out an attempted lyric essay, the writing will seem disjointed and scattered.

This piece has a little of that disjointedness but has enough of a real solid base that the reader connects the dots and leaves out some of the more abstract though tangents ie hair braiding, but I fear works less clear in their direction might suffer immensely from this seeming carelessness.Brenda Miller’s Season of the Body is a beautiful collection of lyrical essays (see The Seneca Review’s definition of the “lyric essay”) that swim and glide around the themes of body, loss, self-worth, identity, massages, meditation, and a myriad of other akin soft and supple things.

Brenda miller braided essay

Miller /5. Second Edition Brenda Miller, Suzanne Paola Sample Essays "The Hazing of Swans," Suzanne Paola "A Braided Heart: Shaping the Lyric Essay," Brenda Miller "Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian," Sui Sin Far "Of Greatness," Abraham Cowley "World As I See It," Albert Einstein;.

Brenda Miller’s thoughts on challah, set in juxtaposition to her thoughts on the braided essay, seem apt here: “As a child, I knew only that the braided bread simply tasted better than ordinary bread, the way texture will often affect flavor.

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An Interview with Brenda Miller and Julie Marie Wade Sweet.

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An interview with Brenda Miller and Lee Gulyas. Blessings, Seasons, and the Art of Listening (Click on the chess piece to find the interview.) Sarabande Books Interviews: Season of the Body.

a memoir in essay form. Could you talk about how the book came together? And was the. Tell It Slant Second Edition Brenda Miller, Suzanne Paola Sample Essays "The Hazing of Swans," Suzanne Paola "A Braided Heart: Shaping the Lyric Essay," Brenda Miller.

Season of the Body: Essays by Brenda Miller