Deforestation in australia

It is estimated that 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestationaccording to the WWF. Inglobal tree cover loss reached a record of Location Deforestation occurs around the world, though tropical rainforests are particularly targeted.

Deforestation in australia

Deforestation in Eastern Australia Eastern Australia Australia is the only place on Earth where all three major divisions of mammals are present: Queensland tropical rain forests, Eastern Australia temperate forests, Brigalow tropical savannah, Eastern Australia mulga shrublands, Southeast Australia temperate forests and Southeast Australia temperate savannahs.

One of the symbols of Australia, the koala, although not confined to this front, was recently listed vulnerable to extinction due to deforestation in Queensland and NSW and consequent fragmentation.

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Two of the ecoregions, Queensland tropical rain forests and Eastern Australian temperate forests, comprise the Forests of Eastern Australia global biodiversity hotspot. Deforestation in the northern ecoregions is a substantial contributor of sediment pollution affecting the Great Barrier Reef.

Beyond the short-term effect of deforestation on soil erosion is the long-term effect of enabling land uses, principally livestock and cropping, which continuously deliver sediment, nutrient and agri-chemical pollution to the Reef.WWF-Australia embarks on a number of projects both within Australia and globally to conserve the natural environment and to protect its wildlife.


Combined, eastern Australia is considered a global deforestation hotspot, the only one in the developed world. According to analysis by WWF’s Martin Taylor, Australia is likely to lose 3m. Australia is among one of the world’s wealthiest nations; yet, its relatively small human population ( million) has been responsible for extensive deforestation and forest degradation since European settlement in the late 18th century.


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Deforestation in australia

Unsustainable palm oil development fuels widespread rainforest destruction, human rights abuses, illegal wildlife smuggling, climate change and the destruction of delicate ecosystems across South-East Asia.

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