Ganga action plan

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Ganga action plan

Jump onto a raft and slice through the tumultous waters of the multi-faceted Ganges. The beauty of the Ganges flowing through Rishikesh is attributed to the myriad personalities it embodies.

View More White Water River Rafting at Rishikesh One cannot leave Rishikesh without jumping onto a raft and slicing through the tumultous waters of the multi-faceted Ganges.

White water rafting has become a popular,exciting yet safe adventure sport in Rishikesh.

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It is located in the lap of lower Himalayas, and is surrounded on three sides by scenic beauty of the hills with Holy Ganga flowing through it. View More Beginner Yoga Classes in Rishikesh - 3days,2nights The city of Rishikesh and Yoga have an eternal bond strengthened across thousands of years.

Hermits and sages from ancient times till date have adopted Rishikesh as their abode to meditate, master this artform and get closer to attaining enlightenment. Ganga Kinare, Rishikesh has the right mix for you. Or, you can even try a hand at playing Table Tennis, Foosball or comfortably have a game of Carrom with your buddies.

Our Ayurvedic spa treatments are based upon centuries-old Ayurvedic therapies that support balance and bliss in your life. The revitalizing and therapeutic treatments offered are customized to your particular needs. All therapies are natural, gentle, and delightfully pleasing.

View More White Water Rafting One cannot leave Rishikesh without jumping onto a raft and slicing through the tumultuous waters of the multi-faceted Ganges. View More Sightseeing in Rishikesh Rishikesh is a major destination for the throngs of Hindu pilgrims that visit the temples and shrines of the region.

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We can arrange for all the popular pilgrimages in and around the city. View More Yoga With the holy waters of the Ganges and the mountains forming a backdrop, the resort is the epitome of spirituality. Its serene environment is a perfect platform for guests to make the transcendental journey into meditation.

View More Jungle Safari Ganga Kinare arranges jungle jeep safaris for its guests, which involves a 34 km safari trail passing through undulating terrain, lush turquoise valleys, river beds, and sprawling grasslands.

View More Trekking and Nature Trails Located at the foothills of the majestic Himayalan range, Rishikesh thrives with turquoiseery, wildlife and river bodies. View More Biking Guests can rent bikes from the resort, and head out to explore the rustic charm of Rishikesh by themselves. You can meander through the small streets and corners, and discover the unadulterated essence of the town.

Ganga action plan

View More Bird Watching Setting out on a bird watching tour in Rishikesh is simply an unforgettable experience. With as many as species of birds spotted in this region, bird watching can be a great stress buster and a thrilling experience.

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The culinary experience at Holywater promises to excite more than just the sense of taste. The riveting panorama of river, verdure and mountain threatens to burst through the wall of windows and spill into the lounge.

View More Corporate Over the years, Rishikesh has emerged as a coveted destination for corporate outbound training modules.The Ganges river, also known as Ganga river amongst the local Indian is the most sacred rivers for Hindus.

A dip in the holy water the Ganges river is considered extremely sacred - an act that purifies soul from all sins commited in past.

The Ganga Action Plan (GAP) Phase - I which was taken up as % Centrally funded scheme and aimed at preventing the pollution of river Ganga and to improve.

India's only news & analyses vertical on the Indian fertilizer sector. Get policy, prices, forecasts, reports and more. The Ganges (/ ˈ ɡ æ n dʒ iː z / GAN-jeez), real name Ganga (Hindustani: [ˈɡəŋɡaː]), is a trans-boundary river of the Indian subcontinent which flows through the nations of India and 2, km (1, mi) river rises in the western Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, and flows south and east through the Gangetic Plain of North India.


The Ganges originates in the Himalayas after the confluence of six rivers – Alaknanda meets Dhauliganga at Vishnuprayag, Mandakini at Nandprayag, Pindar at Karnaprayag, Mandakini at Rudraprayag and finally Bhagirathi at Devaprayag (from here onwards, it is known as Ganga) in the Indian state of.

GANGA ACTION PLAN. The Ganga action plan was, launched by Shri Rajeev Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India on 14 Jan. with the main objective of pollution abatement, to improve the water quality by Interception, Diversion and treatment of domestic sewage and present toxic and industrial chemical wastes from identified grossly polluting units entering in to the river.

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