Growthinks ultimate business plan template torrent

To help you out, here is our proven business plan templateand the information below provides critical information to include in your business plan. And there are no state laws with regards to business plans.

Growthinks ultimate business plan template torrent

If you enjoy this article, get more great articles and business advice with a 7-day free trial on ArtistsMarketOnline. Today large corporations, including Fortune companies, employ this framework to keep their workforces centered on goals and objectives.

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Ideally this tool can express in a one-page document what a traditional business plan takes 50 pages to explain. The initials in OGSM stand for objective, goals, strategies and measurements. You can compose an OGSM in any word-processing application, such as Microsoft Word, that allows for inserting a table.

Identifying an objective The first step is to identify an objective.

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The objective should be both broad and detailed enough that it encompasses all facets of your plan. An example might be: The statement would then look something like: The trial objective states that you want to increase your collectors and followers by 25 percent. One of your goals may be to grow your mailing list by 15 percent.

Another goal may be to increase the number of your friends and followers at Twitter and Facebook by 10 percent. These goals become more tangible if you throw in a little math.

According to your objective, you want to grow your income by 5 percent. In a similar way, you can calculate how much income that would be.

You might also set goals determining how much of that income will come from new sales as compared to your current collector base.

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One strategy to achieve this could be to place a spot on your website where a visitor can register to be included in your mailing list. Another strategy could be that, at any showing of your artwork, you have a guest book where people sign in with their mailing and e-mail addresses.

Yet another strategy could be this: No matter where you are, if someone takes an interest in your artwork, you will ask for his or her mailing information.

To further break down your strategy into digestible bits, you may want to set a target of a certain number of new registrations each month.

You can assign target amounts per month for each strategy. The measurements for each strategy should vary. Some may be very easy to measure, while others may take some creativity and legwork. Looking again at the example of increasing your mailing list by 15 percent, the strategies set for that can be measured very easily.

To evaluate the success of other strategies may require following up with clientele. For example, if your goal is to have very satisfied customers, you may need to do a customer survey to determine how satisfied they really are.

Boosting art skills In addition to advancing an art business, the OGSM concept can also be an instrument for boosting art skills.

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For example, a sample of this type of objective could be to focus on improving the quality of your art by developing strong design and harmonious color in your paintings.

Your sample goals could be to be accepted into two national shows and to begin your journey to becoming a signature member of an art association. Some strategies could be to attend selected workshops, study various instructional books and DVDs, seek out a mentor and practice by doing a painting a day.

Measurements for this objective could be how many of the designated workshops you complete and how many of the books and DVDs you study, whether or not you find a mentor and, finally, how successful you are at completing a painting a day. Your ultimate, longer-term measurement would be whether you get into the national shows and eventually obtain signature status in a society.

growthinks ultimate business plan template torrent

By clearly stating your objective, your goals and the strategies for attaining each goal—and by measuring your progress against each goal—you can maintain a more direct and informed path to a successful and satisfying career. Linda Fisler is an artist and a business mentor at www.Simply enter your text and combine it with your financials to produce the ultimate winning business plan.

growthinks ultimate business plan template torrent

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