How to write a letter to a penpal for the first time

Our emails from our pen pal match have already gone out, so hopefully some of you will have some new mail on its way to or from you. The most important thing is that you begin writing, and you begin to get to know someone else from somewhere else in the world.

How to write a letter to a penpal for the first time

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In most cases you don't know much about the recipient and introducing yourself could turn into a boring monologue. In all those years of pen palling I've written and received many first letters, and today I wanted to share with you 5 tips to write your first letter to who could become your new best friend!

It happened to me in the past to receive first letter in which people would write everything about them - from their favorite color, to the name of their neighbor's dog. If you flood a person with all sort of informations about yourself, they'll be more likely to forget about it, and besides, if you already told them everything there was to know about you, you're actually taking away the thrill of getting to know you gradually, just like it would happen in real life.

Include the basic informations about yourself, your hobbies, your hometown, but don't overdo it! You don't want your letter to be completely one sided, if you want your penpal to engage with you in a conversation, your letter should feel like one. They don't have to be complicated questions, just a "what about you?

Put an effort in it. Not everyone is creatively inclined, but you don't have to be an artist to put together a nice letter. Something basic you want, is to make sure your handwriting is legible and tidy, that's the very least you can do to show your penpal that you actually took time off to write to them, and not just rushed a few facts on a piece of paper.

How to write an awesome first letter to your penpal

Everything else, decoration wise, is good, but as I said, it might not be everyone's cup of tea. Among the things you could do - you can draw on your stationery, decorate it with washi tape or stickers, or even just use a nice patterned paper to begin with.

Include something tangible It very common for pen pals to send small goodies to each other. I wouldn't suggest you do it from the beginning, just in the unfortunate case that it doesn't work out, but adding even something trivial, like a magazine clipping with a picture of your hometown, could make your letter much more special.

If you're willing, you can also include something more personal such as a picture of yourself, or an artwork you made. Don't take yourself too seriously, this person is about to become your friend so you have to keep this in mind.

Don't write too formally, share an anecdote or two, be colorful, be loud, and don't be scared to put your personality on paper! Do you have any other tip?In this first letter you have the chance to present yourself in a way that your future penpal should think you are a person worth to be known.

Don't ruin your only possibility of making a very good impression of yourself by writing an uninteresting, awfully boring text or a letter of a very poor quality. When you're writing to a new pen pal, you don't want to tell him everything there is to know about you all at once -- save some juicy stuff to share in future letters -- but you’ll want to give enough information to suggest whether the two of you are compatible as pen pals and to intrigue him to want to learn more.


Be creative!

We are lucky enough to have guest poster & happy-mailer extraordinaire, Ines Hristova from To The Lovely here to share her ideas, tips & inspiration for how to write an awesome first letter to your penpal. Hello, my name is Ines Hristova and I try to stay as different as the name itself.

Aug 10,  · First Penpal Letter! Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel!

how to write a letter to a penpal for the first time

Today I will be sharing with you some tips and ideas on writing your first letter to your new penpal! Write a letter to a penpal. This can be your first letter or a letter you’re writing after knowing your pen pal for a long time.

Include details you would normally include when writing to a pen pal in this situation. Once you have one, writing letters doesn't come naturally to everyone, so it may take a bit of time and practice to learn how to write interesting letters to your pen pal. Getting Started Make a list of your hobbies and interests.

How to Write a Introductory Letter to your Penpal