Importance of electronic media in education

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Importance of electronic media in education

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At first, digital media allowed pro- democracy movements to use the internet against authoritarian regimes; however, these regimes eventually worked social media into their own counter-insurgency strategies.

Digital media helped to turn individualized, localized, and community-specific dissent into structured movements with a collective consciousness about both shared grievances and opportunities for action.

Egyptian Revolution of On January 25 ofmass protests began in Cairo, Egyptprotesting the long reign of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarakthe high unemployment rate, government corruption, povertyand oppression within society.

Importance of electronic media in education

This day revolution did not begin with guns, violence, or protests, but rather with the creation of a single Facebook page which quickly gained the attention of thousands, and soon millions, of Egyptians, spreading into a global phenomenon.

In order to have a democratic, free nation, all information that can be shared, should be shared. Protestors communicated, organized, and collaborated through the use of this technology with real time, real impacts.

Even when the regime eliminated all access to the Internet in a failed attempt to halt further political online forums, Google and Twitter teamed up, making a system that would get information out to the public without having access to the internet. The revolution in Egypt has been understood by some as an example of a broader trend of transforming from a system based on group control to one of "networked individualism".

These networked societies are constructed post -"triple revolution" of technology, which involves a three-step process.

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Step one in the "triple revolution" is "the turn to social networks", step two: Such technologies provide an alternative sphere that is unregulated by the government, and where construction of ideas and protests can foster without regulation.

For example, In Egypt, the "April 6 Youth Movement" established their political group on Facebook where they called for a national strike to occur on April 6. This event was ultimately suppressed, however; the Facebook group remained, spurring the growth of other activist parties to take an online media route.

The Internet in Egypt was used also to form connections with networks of people outside of their own country.

Importance of electronic media in education

The connections provided through Internet media sources, such as Twitter allowed rapid spread of the revolt to be known around the world. Specifically, more than 3 million tweets contained six popular hashtags alluring to the revolt, for example, Egypt and sidibouzid; further enabling the spread of knowledge and change in Egypt.

Kony The Invisible Children's Kony video was released March 5,initiating an online grassroots campaign for the search and arrest of Joseph Kony. Invisible Children, the non-profit organization responsible for this video campaign, was founded on the mission to bring awareness to the vile actions of the Lord's Resistance Army LRAlocated in Central Africa, and the arrest of its leader, Joseph Kony.

On March 21,a group of 33 Senators introduced a resolution condemning "the crimes against humanity" committed by Joseph Kony and the LRA. The resolution supports the continued efforts by the US government to "strengthen the capabilities of regional military forces deployed to protect civilians and pursue commanders of the LRA, and calls for cross-border efforts to increase civilian protection and provide assistance to populations affected by the LRA.

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This YouTube sensation is gonna help the Congress be more aggressive and will do more to lead to his demise than all other action combined". During that time it sought to mobilize the masses in support of their demands for a less corrupt society in India.

Divisions amongst key members of the IAC's core committee eventually led to a split within the movement.The Importance of Media in the Classroom A s teachers, we have a wealth of information from which amount of the education dollars, they require a great deal of intrinsic motivation to be effective.

Students must struggle to importance of the learning but also how it will be important to our students personally. Marzano, Pickering, and.

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Understanding Children's Sleep Habits. Every living creature needs to sleep. It is the primary activity of the brain during early development. Electronic media is media that uses electromechanical device to access the content.

Importance of Electronic Media in Mass Communication February 8, by admin 0. By Ajay Prabhakar Dhawan Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine– Providing Student-Centered Education for Competent and.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is important in primary education because it enables kids to search for the information they need and to organize what they have found. There are several variables that influence academic achievement.

Some are the parents’ level of education (college educated parents tend to be better equipped to help children with academic. Electronic media allows information and ideas to travel almost instantly from its source to the public through the Internet.

Because of the availability of the Internet, electronic media has given billions of people access to information that they previously would not have had access to. In the past.

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