India a hub for medical tourism

On advice of a friend, he came to India for an advanced Neuro Rehabilitation. According to me it's good. Everything is good, the equipment and the doctors are professional". Technologically advanced hospitals, specialized doctors, low-cost treatment and e-medical visa facilities have contributed to help India become one of the fastest growing medical tourism destinations in Asia.

India a hub for medical tourism

Thanks to low cost medical treatment with world class facilities. Besides facilities and cost factor, Indian nursing staff and doctors care much more than other destinations. A lot of NRIs prefer medical treatment in their own native place instead of their foreign location. Due to these reasons, medical tourism in India is booming right now.

India a hub for medical tourism

Chennai, Tamil Nadu Chennai is the most popular destination for medical treatment in India. Latest reports showing that Chennai receives up to foreign patients daily due to high quality medical treatment, low cost and best experience.

Chennai is the preferred destination among the foreign patients due to many benefits. There are so many special facilities are provided by the private hospitals in Chennai to provide best experience.

India a hub for medical tourism

Chennai has bright future ahead for medical tourism. It became health tourism capital of India. Mumbai, Maharashtra Besides financial capital of India, Mumbai is fastest growing medical hub at International level. Mumbai has world class private hospitals and medical centers.

Mumbai is the perfect destination for all types of surgery, ayurveda treatment and others. Mumbai is also popular healthcare hub for domestic patients from other cities of Maharashtra as well as states. Growth rate of medical tourism in Mumbai is very high due to world class facility.

There are so many popular private hospitals are located in the city.

India on path of becoming a hub of medical tourism –

Goa Besides vacation destination of India, Goa is growing to become international hub of medical tourism. Now a days, private hospitals provides special facilities to foreign patients. Natural environment of Goa is superb and it also attracts foreign patients to select Goa besides other destinations.

Government also support to promote health and wellness tourism in Goa. New Delhi New Delhi is the national capital of India. Besides political activities, New Delhi has vast numbers of world class private hospitals.

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Please check out reviews for each and every hospital before your final decision. It is now another fastest growing medical hub of India.

Thanks to world class hospitals in the city. It provides best experience for medical treatment. Major Healthcare Providers A popular number of healthcare providers are given below.India has been getting a good revenue turnover from its medical tourism from past 4 to 6 years. When asked about the revenue from foreign exchange, K.J Alphons, Tourism Minister of India declared an estimate of ₹1,35, crore in , ₹1,54, crore in and ₹1,77, crore in India – An Emerging Hub Of Medical Tourism In Asia HealthStatus Team 0 0 0 Long promoted for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage, India now occupies an enviable position on the international map as a haven for those seeking quality and affordable healthcare.

The medical value travel (MVT) industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments of the sunrise tourism sector in India.

The country’s rich history, cultural heritage and diversity. India Is Becoming A Hub For 'Medical Tourists' — Despite The 'Million Dollar Difference' In Care the medical tourism industry is expected to see a more than 20 percent annual growth rate.

India currently has around 18 per cent of the global medical tourism market. In an estimate, it can be a $9 billion-worth medical tourism destination by having 20 per cent global market share by Gurugram / Bangalore, Jul 07 (ANI): year-old Nguefack Guy from Cameroon came with a history of stroke leading to left hemiplegia.

On advice of a friend, he came to India for an advanced Neuro grupobittia.comlogically advanced hospitals, specialized doctors, low-cost treatment and e-medical.

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