Picture writing activity 2nd

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Picture writing activity 2nd

Here is a poster of the Expectations we created this year school year: I want to inspire them to write and to use the notebook.

This is easier said than done. I have created overheads of some of my own pages and have why I choose to write about these snippets. I share the artifacts I have included I don't have many, this is an area I am working on and the word lists I have created.

I also make clear it is NOT a diary to write down what happens every day, but it is ok sometimes to do this. Here is a list of things Ralph Fletcher recommended when I saw him at a conference: What do you notice or see when you are about and about?

Then I let students go and have some time to write. You will get a lot of questions "Is it ok if I write about I gather them back together at the end and we share what we wrote about.

Then I tell each student since the book is theirs I want them to decorate it in some way because it is their special book. I have never done this as an in class activity, although you certainly could. I had my students do it for homework and gave them a few nights to compete it.


The only rule was that it had to come to school everyday while they were working on it since they would be using it!!! I have had kids use stickers, Yu-Gi-Oh sp? They just need to make it "theirs.

Model a think aloud in choosing a story topic. Instead model showing an event. For example I might use when we found my cat, Daisy. Model for students how to sketch in the tiny blank white space at the top of the notebook paper.

Then show students how to draw from the picture they wrote on the notebook paper below. Remind students what to do if they get stuck. Remind them to use the resources in our room heart maps and class brainstorm list to help them.

Then I send them off for time to write. I do not conference yet, but I do walk around and check up on kids, especially ones who are stuck and try to help them find an idea. We meet together at the end to share some of our ideas. You can add more to the story you wrote earlier.

You can reread stories that you wrote to help you get ideas for a new story. Add all of these to the anchor chart. Tell students that they need to always reread the story before making any decisions! Then briefly do so. I explain to students how I want their writing folders to look. I want the writers notebook stuck in the right pocket.

I want any drafts of pieces going through the writing process in the left pocket. In the brads we put in the example of writers workshop norms and I explain any handouts go here.

picture writing activity 2nd

For this mini lesson I show students where the dictionaries are, the thesauruses, the spellex's and how the writing center is organized.Draw a picture. Read a book. Work on Reading Quilt. Do a free time sheet. Literacy/Learning Centers! She does centers for 2 hours and 20 min.

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The centers are: Writing Activity, 2 practice reading(one for guided readers they have been using in group and one for free choice or AR), a listening center with about 40 taped books available. Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

I do a FUN activity with my kids using the five senses. I give each student a piece of writing paper and tell them we are going to write about "Object X.".

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Writing Prompt Personal Narrative: Have students write a paragraph that tells about a time they helped a friend or family member. Activities Grades K–2: Art/Language Arts. Writing Story Picture. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Writing Story Picture.

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Teaching the Short Story provides participants with a detailed approach to teaching students to write short stories. Specifically, presenter Dewey Hensley explores methods for generating ideas The writer’s notebook writing is known as expressive writing because it is the place where you express yourself in a school setting.

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