Process design supply chain powerpoint ops 571

Week 4 Discussion Question 1 How does capacity planning differ in service and manufacturing organizations? What does this mean? Provide at least two examples in business where this can be done effectively. Week 3 Discussion Question 1 What is a safety stock and when should it be used?

Process design supply chain powerpoint ops 571

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About the Author Explore three fundamental design concepts: Learn process improvements such as postponement, mass customization, resequencing production operations, and shifting the push-pull point; these design changes can significantly improve the performance of your supply chain.

Product design for supply chain management means building products that thrive in and enhance your supply chain architecture. Simply "giving customers what they want", while fundamental to customer satisfaction, is rarely enough. Companies must be able to give customers the right products in the most resource-effective manner, without sacrificing quality or service.

Process design supply chain powerpoint ops 571

If your supplier, manufacturing, and post-sales support networks are being stressed to the breaking point, if your products require excessive inventories to maintain service levels, if your offerings aren't attracting new buyers in a saturated market, or if you need to reduce costs and complexity throughout your supply chain, designing products to take advantage of and strengthen your supply chain can provide extraordinary benefits.

This module, the final in our series on "Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management", will provide you with a powerful set of tools to achieve these goals.

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You will start by exploring three fundamental concepts: A framework for costs and benefits will help you understand the value of these ideas and what to expect as you integrate them into your product design plans. You will see an excellent example of postponement, a strategy that can enhance service levels with lower inventories.

You'll also learn how to quickly estimate the positive impact of a postponement strategy in your own company without analyzing sales data or using complex calculations. You will see examples of how postponement can be implemented through software, applied to product packaging, and even how it can help during a new product launch.

Product design is not the only place you can make improvements. The production process itself is often overlooked as an incredible opportunity for enhancement.

Resequencing production operations, shifting the push-pull point, or even something as "simple" as administrative postponement can all provide significant benefits. Mass customization is often a hybrid of product and process design; finding ways to offer unique items with little or no additional lead time can increase market share and breathe new life into your products.

Objectives Learn the opportunities presented by component commonality, modularity, and universality Understand how postponement can reduce inventories while maintaining service levels Discover supply chain enhancements available from process improvements Buy List Price:Riordan has identified three key areas for improvement, process design, supply chain, and forecasting.

The use of a Materials Resource Planning (MRP) system is part of the evaluation. The company will develop an implementation plan to schedule the proposed changes. OPS Academic Coach / uophelp - For more course tutorials visit OPS Week 1 Individual Assignment Process Design Matrix and Summary OPS Week 1 Quiz OPS Week 1 DQ 1 OPS Week 1 DQ 2 OPS Week 2 Individual Assignment Process Designs and Supply Chains Presentation OPS Week 2 Learning Team Reflection OPS OPS/ OPS Process Designs and Supply Chains, Pt 2 Create an MS PowerPoint Presentation in which you evaluate the current state of the process you selected in Week Two and summarize the proposed future state.

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Describe the company’s supply chain. Identify an internal process you wish to evaluate. Select an appropriate design approach for the chosen process. Supply Chain Management PowerPoint Templates, SCM PPT Slides & Presentation Graphics This is an engaging design for supply chain management phases & vertical integration related PowePoint slides.

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Process design supply chain powerpoint ops 571

Premium customer support is a four stage process. The stages in this process are supply.  Supply Chain Design Paper Lea Smith, Bruno Ferreyra, Daniel Davis, Barry Scotton OPS/ August 18, Willie Maxwell Supply Chain Design Paper Supply chain management is a coordinated effort within a supply chain to improve continually and enhance its performance with the end goal.

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