Public library business plans

As librarians we should be actively marketing and promoting our library services.

Public library business plans

The planning documents that grew out of conversations with departments and working groups are the primary sources from which this plan was developed.

Foundational to these goals is the assumption that through its programs and services, the Libraries are responsible for not only the curation and dissemination of information, but facilitating learning and knowledge creation.

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The library is an intentionally multidisciplinary meeting ground for scholarly engagement. Programmatic and service priorities drive the design of library space, both physical and virtual. Through the information intensive spaces they provide, the Libraries invite and facilitate intellectual engagement, interdisciplinary inquiry, and critical assessment.

public library business plans

The strategic goals defined in this document along with the objectives and measures that support implementation and assessment represent an intentional redefinition of the Boston University Libraries to develop programs, services, and information sources to support learning and scholarship in the 21st century.

A strategic plan is ultimately a statement of how an organization will use its finite resources to accomplish its mission. It can be viewed as a sustainability document. In our context, the Libraries recognize that we think of sustainability both environmentally and economically.

The Libraries are committed to practices that are environmentally sustainable and that utilize their limited financial, physical and personnel resources in scalable and sustainable ways to achieve their goals. The digital production and management of information is central to the redefinition of the Boston University Libraries.

Through digitization and the development of new tools and systems for information discovery, management and analysis, academic libraries are poised to play a pivotal role in the production of knowledge as both publishers and disseminators of knowledge.

Academic libraries will contribute to the internationalization of scholarship by building and integrating access to global resources. Strengthen Library services for the four key professional Schools:Articles & Databases Adjust Your Font Size A A A Books & Literature.

Business Plans The annual business plan and statistics serve as a reminder that the Oconomowoc Public Library will continue to provide the same excellent services that it has for many years.

We will work to blend the new initiatives with current services to make the library an even more valuable asset to the people of Oconomowoc. The Boulder Public Library is updating its master plan.

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Guiding the library programs and services for the next several years, the master plan goals are intended to reflect community aspirations and priorities, by putting library resources and staff skills in the service of the community.

Eric Petersen is the Supervisor of the H&R Block Business & Career Center. In this role he has developed many community partnerships between the Block Center and agencies and organizations that help job seekers and entrepreneurs, and loves helping Library users and Kansas Citians achieve their professional goals.

Feb 16,  · The library has already agreed to sell five floors of office space it used in the business library building, a former B. Altman department store. Now it plans to also sell its library space on the.

Appendix A Sample Technology Plan Rochester Hills Public Library Technology Plan – Prepared by: Karen Knox, Information Technology Manager.

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