Shrek social psychology

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Shrek social psychology

Now examine the picture or design you drew.

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Is each of the four symbols drawn at least one time? Is only one of the symbols drawn twice? This personality test is based on the theory that we tend to be attracted to certain shapes and forms based on our personality, attitudes, education and the way our brain functions.

The symbol you chose to draw twice is your dominant personality. See descriptions of each symbol below. General George Patton had the personality traits of a triangle.

Source The Triangle For centuries, the triangle has symbolized leadership.

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Remember the ancient Egyptians? They buried their pharaohs, their leaders, in pyramids.

Shrek social psychology

And the triangle shape is a hierarchy — for the military, the government, the church and the organization — with the power concentrated at the top of the triangle. Of the four symbols, the Triangle most closely represents leadership.

Triangles are ambitious and very interested in their careers. You are an overseer, an expediter, a leader, a person of action. Your mantra is "Get it done. You ask others "when? Not one day, not some time, not tomorrow, but now.

You are often charismatic, a person who likes to be the boss and likes to give orders. You like to be in control. You are decisive — you like to make decisions — decisions for yourself and decisions for everyone else. You see yourself as assertive. Others may see you as aggressive.

As a child, when using a coloring book and crayons, you had difficulty staying within the lines.

Social Psychology in Film

You do not like restrictions. Your favorite game — what else? The Tango — the dance of power. CEO, president of a company, entrepreneur, executive, manager, supervisor, surgeon, attorney, politician, military officer, pilot, administrator.

Source The Square Of the four symbols, the square places the most emphasis on organization and structure. You are an organizer. You may be constantly organizing people and things around you.

You are an excellent administrator who enjoys working with figures, statistics, programs, and software. Your mantra is "Get it right, even if it takes all night. You want everything in the right place at the right time. You may be a fan of someone like Bill Gates. You enjoy collecting data and information to enter into a database, but others may see you as having a compulsive attention to detail.

As a child, when using a coloring book and crayons, you tried to color within the lines.

Shrek social psychology

Your favorite toy may have been Legos or Lincoln building blocks, depending on your age. Your favorite games include: Some of your favorite movies might be: Perhaps even the "Hokey Pokey. CFO or COO, IT professional, programmer, systems analyst, statistician, accountant, professor, bookkeeper, executive assistant, medical specialist, teacher, auditor, government worker, editor.

Source The Circle Of the four symbols, the circle is the most kind and caring.Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. My library. Social Psychology Perspectives in the Movie Shrek Words | 6 Pages. the Movie Shrek () For most people, movies are made for entertainment.

However, there are also movies that go beyond merely entertaining its audience. There are films that have been created making use of psychological principles, which enrich the movie-viewing. Daily encouragement and entertainment from award-winning author, James N.

Watkins. Aug 04,  · A PSYCHOLOGICAL VIEW OF THE MOVIE "Shrek? Operation of the main characters in the film Shrek is an ogre who lives in a swamp. He hates being disturbed and is very jealous of "privacy". Social Psychology Principles in Shrek Social-Psychological Principles in Shrek () For most people, movies are made for entertainment.

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However, there are also movies that go . Are you an active Yahoo Answers user? Come join a Facebook group made just for you!

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