The oxygen effect in radiobiology essay

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The oxygen effect in radiobiology essay

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Oxygen Effect in radiobiology, the protective effect of lowered oxygen content hypoxia when exposing living organisms to ionizing radiation. The oxygen effect is observed in all living things microorganisms, plants, animals and at all levels of organization subcellular, cellular, tissular, organic, and organismicgreatly attenuating all radiobiological reactions biochemical disturbances, mutations, stunting of growth and development and lengthening the survival time of the irradiated organisms.

The extent of the oxygen effect depends chiefly on the type of radiation and conditions of exposure. The effect is greatest with X rays and gamma rays.

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It diminishes with increasing density of ionization, and it is virtually nonexistent with dense ionizing radiation for example, alpha irradiation.

In active living things with normal water content, radiation injury is lessened only when there is hypoxia during the irradiation, but for dry objects dormant seeds and bacterial spores the effect is observed with post-irradiation hypoxia, when the irradiated object resumes its normal vital activities for example, in the germination of seeds.

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Sep 11,  · There are a number of topics of study in radiobiology. The effect of ionizing radiation together with how it affects living cells will be further explained.

factors influencing oxygen effect; the five R's of radiobiology and lastly radiation protection.


If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay. The effect of oxygen concentration on the radiosensitivity of cells has been extensively investigated in bacteria, plants, and lower animals (1,2).

Nearly all the biological materials studied have shown that, as oxygen concentration is increased from anoxia to that of air, there is a sharp, approximately threefold, increase in radiosensitivity; but sensitivity is .

Four fundamental aspects of the oxygen effect in radiobiology are reviewed, with emphasis on single cell systems: 1. (1) Radiosensitivity in relation to .

The oxygen effect in radiobiology essay

The Oxygen Effect in Radiobiology - The oxygen effect plays a great role in the treatment and diagnosis of cancers and in imaging. As will be shown, it is a complex issue with many different facets.

fractionation, and 4 R’s of radiobiology • Cell and tissue radiosensitivity Oxygen effect • Oxygen makes the damage produced by free radicals permanent; the damage can be repaired in the absence of oxygen at only about 70 • .

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