Video editing services dallas

For that reason, in additional to filming your video, we will also provide you with professional, flexible and competitively priced Dallas video editing services. Whether you are simply looking to have your video polished or are seeking more comprehensive video editing services, we can help you. Video editing is what turns a film into a concise, compelling video that has the capacity to attract consumers.

Video editing services dallas

The most common type of unidirectional microphone; pickup pattern resembles a heart-shaped figure. A number used to identify compact discs in production. Acronym for cable TV, derived from the older term, community antenna television.

A video system used in commercial internal installations for security, medical and educational. Less prone to image irregularities -- burn-in, lag, streaking -- than are older image sensors. Device which electronically produces letters, numbers, symbols, and other graphic displays for on-screen video titling.

Chroma The color information in a video signal, consisting of hue phase angle and saturation amplitude of the color subcarrier signal.

Chroma Corrector A device used to correct problems related to the chroma of the video signal, as well as color balance and color noise. Noise which manifests itself in a video picture as colored snow. Chroma Key The process of overlaying one video signal over another by replacing a range of colors with the second signal.

Typically, the first foreground picture is photographed with a person or object video editing services dallas a special, single-color background the key-color.

The second picture is inserted in place of the key-color. The most common example is in broadcast weather segments where pictures of weather maps are inserted "behind" the talent. Black, gray and white have no chrominance, but any colored signal has both chrominance and luminance.

The higher the chrominance level, the stronger the color e. Color saturation level can be changed using a proc amp.

Chromakey Electronically matting or inserting an image from one camera into the picture produced by another.

video editing services dallas

Signals from the two sources are merged through a special effects generator. The color portion of a video signal. Chroma Characteristics of color a videotape absorbs with recorded signal, divided into two categories: AM amplitude modulation indicates color intensity; PM phase modulation indicates color purity.

Chroma Key Method of electronically inserting the image from one video source into the picture of another.

Wherever a selected "key color" appears in the foreground shot, background image replaces. Frequently used on news programs to display graphics behind talent. Chrominne Portion of video signal that carries color information hue and saturation, but not brightness ; frequently abbreviated as "C.

Originally used to synchronize movie sound with picture. Sometimes, clipping is performed prior to modulation, and sometimes to limit the signal, so it does not exceed the limits of the composite video signal 7.

Closeup Tightly framed camera shot in which principal subject is viewed at close range, appearing relatively large and dominant on screen. Extent of view may be designated "medium closeup" or "extreme closeup.

Used for many video connections, especially the cable TV wire that comes into your home. Color Bars A standard video test pattern which includes samples of primary and secondary colors. Used to conform the colors in video monitors and other equipment.

Color Burst The portion of a color video signal which contains a short sample of the color subcarrier used to add color to a signal.

video editing services dallas

It is used as a color synchronization signal to establish a reference for the color information following it and is used by a color monitor to decode the color portion of a video signal.

The color burst acts as both amplitude and phase reference for color hue and intensity. The color oscillator of a color television receiver is phase locked to the color burst. Color Correction A process in which the coloring in a television image is altered or corrected by electronic means.

Color Phase The phase of the chroma signal as compared to the color burst, is one of the factors that determines a video signal's color balance.Dallas Video Production Experts: This company is the leader in video shooting, editing, and may tried rest, now try the best.

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map hide this posting restore restore this posting. What is video editing? Essentially, video editing is the process of taking multiple video files or a very long video file, selecting the most impactful parts that can convey your story or message best and combining them together seamlessly so your audience can experience it as one dramatic piece.

We provide an array of professional communication services including video editing, authored DVDs, CD & DVD duplication for numerous companies, encoding video for streaming, and much more. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you communicate. Nickell Video Productions is a full service video production house serving both corporate and family needs, Almost any video production can be completed professionally in less time and at discount prices using Nickell Video Productions.

We provide an array of professional communication services including video editing, authored DVDs, CD & DVD duplication for numerous companies, encoding video for streaming, and much more. Give us a call today to .

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