Wolsey and henry viii

Handsome, talented, reckless and flamboyant, he formed a complete contrast to his dull, cautious, stingy father.

Wolsey and henry viii

On 10 March he was ordained as a priest in Marlborough[5] Wiltshire and remained in Oxford, first as the Master of Magdalen College School, before quickly being appointed the dean of divinity.

Between and he held a living as rector of St Mary's churchLimingtonin Somerset.

Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey

Wolsey benefitted from Henry VII's introduction of measures to curb the power of the nobility — the king was willing to favour those from more humble backgrounds. In Henry appointed Wolsey to the post of Almoner, a position that gave him a seat on the Privy Council and gave him an opportunity for greater prominence and for establishing a personal rapport with the King.

These were cautious and conservative, advising the King to act as a careful administrator like his father. Henry soon appointed to his Privy Council individuals more sympathetic to his own views and inclinations.

UntilWolsey was adamantly anti-war. However, when the King expressed his enthusiasm for an invasion of France, Wolsey adapted his views to those of the King and gave persuasive speeches to the Privy Council in favour of war.

When Warham resigned as Lord Chancellor inprobably under pressure from the King and from Wolsey, Henry appointed Wolsey in his place. He helped cause the fall of Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckinghamin ; and in he prosecuted Henry's close friend William Compton and Henry's ex-mistress Anne Stafford, Countess of Huntingdonthrough the ecclesiastical courts for adultery.

In the case of Charles Brandon, Duke of SuffolkWolsey adopted a different strategy, attempting to win Suffolk's favour by his actions after the Duke secretly married Henry's sister Mary Tudor, Queen of Francemuch to the King's displeasure.

Wolsey advised the King not to execute the newlyweds, but to embrace them; whether this was through care for the couple or on account of the threat they represented for his own safety remains unclear. The bride, both as sister to Henry and as Dowager Queen of France, had high royal status that could have potentially meant a threat to Wolsey should she have so chosen.

Wolsey's rise to a position of great secular power paralleled his increasing status in the Church. He became a Canon of Windsor in In he was made Bishop of Lincolnand then Archbishop of York in the same year.

Following the success of the English campaign in France and the peace negotiations that followed, Wolsey's ecclesiastical career advanced further: Foreign policy[ edit ] "Cardinal Woolsey" an archaic spelling [14] by an unknown artist c. Detail from an oil on panel in the National Portrait GalleryLondon.

War with France[ edit ] The war against France in — was the most significant opportunity for Wolsey to demonstrate his talents in the foreign policy arena.


A convenient justification for going to war came in in the form of a plea for help from Pope Julius IIwho was beginning to feel threatened by France. Henry learned from the mistakes of the campaign and instill with papal support, launched a joint attack on France with Maximilian, successfully capturing two French cities and causing the French to retreat.

Wolsey's ability to keep a large number of troops supplied and equipped for the duration of the war was a major factor in its success.

Wolsey also had a key role in negotiating the Anglo-French treaty ofwhich secured a temporary peace between the two nations. In addition England was able to keep the captured city of Tournai and to secure an increase in the annual pension paid by France.

Peace with France in had been a true achievement for Wolsey and the King.

Wolsey and henry viii

Less than three months later, Louis died and was replaced by the young and ambitious Francis I.Henry VIII is a collaborative history play, written by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher, based on the life of King Henry VIII of England.

An alternative title, All Is True, is recorded in contemporary documents, the title Henry VIII not appearing until the play's publication in the First Folio of Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey The rise of Wolsey Thomas Wolsey (/) was the son of an Ipswich butcher and cattle grazier; Thomas graduated from Oxford University at the age of only fifteen.

Henry VIII appointed him to a minor office upon his accession, but Wolsey’s only became involved in government affairs in He urged Henry to wage war against the French on behalf of Pope Julius II.

Unlike Henry VII, he took little interest in administration and for many years after his accession, he left the details of government under the control of his chief adviser, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

I. Britain in Henry VIII: Henry VIII, king of England (–47) The cardinal had some occasional ambition for the papal tiara, and this Henry supported; Wolsey at Rome would have been a powerful card in English hands.

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In fact, there was never any chance of this happening. What relationship did Henry VIII have with Wolsey? Clearly Henry was the master while Wolsey was his servant. But was Wolsey a very independent servant who wor.

Wolsey and henry viii
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