Would a world without nuclear weapons

But many of the people seriously engaged in this weighty discussion often get it wrong. Kim Jong Un's regime accused the United States of creating the "worst situation ever" in a letter written to the U.

Would a world without nuclear weapons

From time-to-time Prime Ministers in Canada have received written representations on this issue from individual Canadian churches and church bodies. Our Call We are especially grateful to be addressing these issues at a time of growing hope and conviction that the international community both desires and is in reach of a world without nuclear weapons.

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Such a world has long been promoted by the disarmament movement in Canada and beyond, and it has more recently been re-envisioned through an extraordinary accumulation of statements and appeals by eminent figures on the global security stage.

We urge you to reinforce this sense of expectation through your own personal endorsement of the vision of a world without nuclear weapons and by publicly and prominently recommitting Canada to the energetic pursuit of the early elimination of all nuclear weapons.

We know that God has placed before us and all people in all generations the choice between life and death, desiring for all people not only life but the abundant life of peace with justice.

Nuclear Weapons Must Be Rejected We are called to love our enemies, and we are convinced that this cannot be accomplished through the build-up of nuclear arsenals. Nuclear weapons have only one capacity, and that is for mass, indiscriminate destruction with a power so great that it threatens the very existence of the human community and the environment that sustains it.

We believe that to rely on nuclear weapons, to threaten nuclear attack as a foundation for security, is to acquiesce to spiritual and moral bankruptcy. We cannot conceive how the use of nuclear weapons could be justified and consistent with the Would a world without nuclear weapons of God, and we must therefore conclude that nuclear weapons must also be rejected as means of threat or deterrence.

Stewards of Creation To choose life is to acknowledge that we are called not so much to be rulers but stewards of creation. We address this letter to you, confident that you share these beliefs. We understand that the application of these principles to national and international security policy is not a simple matter.

We trust the following comments will be of assistance to you in providing leadership on behalf of Canada in the pursuit of the elimination of nuclear weapons. Through the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NPTstates are legally committed to the elimination of these instruments of massive and indiscriminate destruction.

We are therefore especially grateful for the diplomats from around the world who, over decades of difficult but persistent and painstaking effort, have assembled a clear and achievable disarmament agenda.

The challenge now is to act.

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Nuclear Weapons States The United States and Russia carry the heaviest weight of responsibility to set an ambitious pace for disarmament. We are therefore especially pleased that Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev have jointly and unequivocally affirmed a common goal of achieving a world without nuclear weapons.

They now face the challenge of bringing their respective national policies and postures into alignment with that vision. For this vision to become reality, critically important steps need to be taken by cooperative and committed political leadership from legislators in both countries — politicians who honour the vision and who dare to reject the inevitable attempts to negotiate trade-offs for weapons-renewal programs that undermine the central goal of disarmament.

We believe that Canada, along with the international community, has a vital role to play in encouraging the United States and Russia to persist in disarmament efforts. All other States that possess nuclear weapons also have an obligation to progressively and verifiably reduce their arsenals, to end all planning for new systems, and to reshape their security architecture in accord with the vision of a world without nuclear weapons.

A world without nuclear weapons - By Tony Magliano

Non-Nuclear Weapons States Non-nuclear weapons states have an obligation to conduct their nuclear energy programs in complete openness and with an unqualified willingness to meet the most stringent and reliable inspections requirements. We therefore urge Canada to foster verification efforts and technologies and to ensure that the International Atomic Energy Agency has the resources it needs to carry out its critically important monitoring and inspections work.

That new commitment should be sealed with a decision to honour the longstanding call to return all nuclear weapons now in Europe to the territories of the nuclear weapons state that owns them. International Nuclear Disarmament Processes and Agreements Unfortunately, action on a key element of the nuclear disarmament agenda — that is, negotiations on a Treaty to ban production of fissile materials for weapons purposes and to eliminate existing stockpiles — continues to be blocked by more than a decade of inaction at the Conference on Disarmament CD in Geneva.

It is a deeply troubling dysfunction in the global disarmament machinery that humanity cannot afford. Indeed, it has become urgent that the international community pursue every possible avenue to overcome this dysfunction.

Nuclear disarmament, both the objective and a timeframe within which to achieve it, will ultimately have to be codified in a series of binding instruments under a single umbrella convention to verifiably ban nuclear weapons. While the political timing for concluding such a convention must be carefully considered, we are convinced that now is the time to mount a vigorous new effort to set out the technical and legal details for total nuclear disarmament and to set specific timelines for achieving the realistic goal of a world without nuclear weapons.

The Need for Urgent Action Collective global action to verifiably ban nuclear weapons will yield tangible economic and security benefits and it will release political, psychological, and spiritual resources on which humanity can draw to address the other daunting challenges that confront us, such as structural injustice, poverty and exploitation, economic crises and climate change, energy deficits, burgeoning pollution, acute water shortages, unrelenting hunger, grossly inadequate health services, and chronic armed conflict.

As Christian leaders we also understand our own obligation to encourage our respective faith communities to become part of a great global movement for nuclear disarmament.

Would a world without nuclear weapons

We pursue this through our respective denominations and through Project Ploughshares, the ecumenical peace centre of The Canadian Council of Churches, through which the churches address issues of international peace and security, including questions of nuclear disarmament.

We appreciate your attention to our concerns and wish to assure you of our prayers as you exercise your responsibilities. Maurice Hicks General Superintendent.Oct 09,  · In a year when the threat of nuclear war seemed to draw closer, the Nobel committee awarded the Peace Prize to a group that worked on an international treaty to .

The organization’s goal is to rid the world of nuclear weapons by through a multilateral, universal, verifiable process, with negotiations on the Global Zero treaty beginning by In summary, a “world without nuclear weapons” would be a world in which the United States, Russia, Israel, China, and half a dozen or a dozen other countries would have hair-trigger mobilization plans to rebuild nuclear weapons and mobilize or commandeer delivery systems, and would have prepared targets to preempt other nations’ nuclear facilities, all in a high-alert status, with practice drills and .

May 27,  · Barack Obama on Friday became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, where he called for a "world without nuclear weapons" during his remarks at the city's Peace Memorial Park. This week, the United Nations began negotiations to create “a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination.” The goal, in other words, is to make the possession of nuclear weapons illegal.

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Would a world without nuclear weapons

Apr 20, As the US, Russia and China test each other’s patience and strategic focus, speculation about the chances of a world war has hit a new high. But many of the people seriously engaged in this weighty discussion often get .

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